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hey, y'all

I'm Brandi Sparks, owner of Wildflower Hair Studio. 


Have you heard the quote, "I will make everything around me beautiful--that will be my life?" Well, that's me in a nutshell. I love art, design, and beauty in general, but I also love helping people. My hair studio is my happy place where I can create beauty and hopefully bring some joy into the lives of my clients. 

I have an art background with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design from Washington University. After college I worked as an apparel and textile designer. Once I had kids, I was a stay at home mom while moving from St. Louis, MO to Naples, Italy, and then to Denver, CO. I eventually circled back home to North Alabama where I found my passion--crafting beautiful, low-maintenance haircolor--a perfect combination of my art background and my love of making people feel good. Every year, I pursue advanced training in the latest color techniques to help my clients achieve gorgeous color without the frequent upkeep.

When I am not behind the chair, I am mostly a homebody! I love cooking and spend way more time in the kitchen than is sensible. My three boys are spoiled to great meals (and I am spoiled because they are all little foodies who eat their vegetables). So yes, I love food and will probably ask you where you like to eat or what you like to cook. 

I was lucky enough to spend three years living in Italy (the food! sigh...) and traveled all over Europe during that time. When I worked in fashion, I got to see much of Southeast Asia. With three kids at home, I don't travel much anymore, but it is one of my passions. I dream of going to lots of new places in the future. I would love to hear all about your traveling adventures and add to my list of must-see places! 

I still love making fine art when I have time. Figurative art is my favorite subject matter. I dream of someday having the spare time to paint enough to have my own exhibit. In the meantime, I enjoy walking around Lowe Mill and admiring the work of other local artists.

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