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goodbye, 2021

As 2022 approaches, I've been thinking about the last year, the good and the bad. We all know the bad (...I'm looking at you COVID-19), but mostly it was a good year. At Wildflower, I launched some great healthy haircare lines, which everyone has loved! At home, I remodeled my bathroom and love how that turned out (it's about 95% done...) even though it took about six times as long as I expected. We also got a new kitten!

What does the new year hold? We hope to have time to keep DIY'ing some home remodeling projects. We are also hoping to expand our backyard veggie garden. My kids love going out to harvest vegetables for dinner!

At Wildflower, I have a newly revamped service menu. Last year, I offered four New Guest packages to simplify booking for prospective clients. I got such great feedback, I decided to do the same for my existing clients. It may be a little different than what you're used to booking, so if you have any questions or concerns, just email me! My intention is to give all of my clients the time, attention, and services they need to bring out the absolute best in their hair!

I will be spending the next week relaxing and recovering from the holiday rush, enjoying time with my husband, kids, and pets. There's not much on my to-do list, which is a good thing. Perhaps that's something to carry forward into 2022: Do less, with more intention.

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