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I'm writing this from home, where I am one week into a two week quarantine. My "exposure" was at the salon, where both myself and the client were masked, the HEPA filter was running, and everything gets regularly sanitized. Yet the CDC still recommends a 14 day quarantine, and ultimately I don't want to take the chance of anyone getting Covid from my salon. Thankfully, I am well.

But look what I did!

I took advantage of my downtime at home to tackle some projects. Last week I gave my bedroom a makeover, from hideous dark gray popcorn ceiling (why????) to a bright and airy oasis. I'm in love with the almost-blush wall color. It's Sherwin Williams Malted Milk. This took 5 days and is one of those things I'd been dying to do, but just didn't have time for--a quarantine blessing, if you will!

And some me time...

I am also taking the time to give my hair some TLC. Today I'm doing an oil cleanse followed by a deep conditioning mask. This time of year, my hair can feel dry and flat. Being indoors with the heat running all the time is just as hard on hair as being out in the sun in the summer. If your hair feels lifeless and flat, an oil cleanse can remove any build up without stripping moisture. This nourishing, relaxing treatment is now available at Wildflower, and I hope you'll try it out! Click on "book an appointment" to schedule your next service and add a treatment or two to give your locks some love.

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