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Let it snow!

Just kidding.

The holidays ARE quickly approaching, though! (pssst....time to book those holiday hair appointments!)

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I have a few things for my family so far. Doing a little at a time keeps it from feeling overwhelming. At Wildflower, I'm working on some fun little gift packages so you can share the joy of great hair with people you love! Or you know, buy yourself presents. Surely I'm not the only one who ends up buying myself stuff whenever I'm shopping for everyone else???? Haha. Well, anyway, if you have your own ideas or would like to collaborate, I can also do custom Christmas gift boxes if you pre-order by early November.

It has been a strange year, and I know I'm not alone in hoping 2021 is better for all of us. But I hope we can all find the beauty and the blessings in the holiday season.

Photo by Kristin Vogt from Pexels

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